Lot 10


¥298,000,000 (with Lot 9)


434-14 & 433-6 Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Lot Size

2,555.20 m²

Construction footprint (造成面積)*

265 m²

Building footprint (建築面積)*

174 m²

Forest Reserve

671.24 m²


Large premium corner lot with a river bordering to the north and east. Mature trees with ample space for a large yard. Access path on the western and northern borders.

*Preliminary estimates and subject to change, approvals and permits.

The development resides within a quasi-national park, ensuring that the natural
beauty of the area will be protected and not be overbuilt.
The following local guidelines will apply:

Building / land ratio (建ぺい率): 20%
Floor space / land ratio (容積率): 60%
Building set back: 5 meters
Maximum floors: 2
Building height: 10 meters
Roofs: Pitched
Building colors: Earth tones and in harmony with the natural surroundings